The less space available, the more they grow

The larger one wants a tree to grow, the wider and deeper the expanse of soil that is needed.

But in the case of fear and worry, the smaller and the more constrained the space one lives in – mentally, physically, emotionally – the deeper the roots they form and the wider they branch out. 

The smaller the space one lives in, the more one gets used to being in a small space and the greater the fear of exposure and vulnerability that a larger space elicits. So worry and fear attempt to protect one’s feelings by creating a secure space surrounded by a thorny hedge. But planting a thorny hedge in a small space means that the occupant will end up brushing along some spike or other, and this convinces them even more that the outside hurts and is out to get them. But the thorns are ultimately the result of what worry and fear have planted in that restricted space.

Instead, when one lives in a wider internal and external space, one learns how to live with the sense of exposure and vulnerability and won’t need to plant a thorny hedge to feel secure: they would love space and make sure to keep it open.


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