Death through preservation

I love you so much that I want you to last for a very long time; I want to preserve you. 

So I immerse you in salt. 

You end up dehydrated as water seeps out of your body into the surrounding salt. You are blinded as your eyes dry out leaving an intense burning feeling as memory of your vision. You choke on the salt as you inhale it through nose and mouth. You die. But your flesh will remain preserved for a long time indeed.

Is that a ‘life’ worth living?

We are so caught up with the fear of dying (although there is also a reasonable biological basis to that) that we end up investing a lot of energy into keeping ourselves alive. We try to preserve ourselves. We avoid reasonable risks; we spend money on insurances and pension schemes instead of travel; we refrain from contact with strangers ā€¦ We are careful, we prepare ourselves for a long life though we actually don’t know how long it will me: we focus our energies on preservation, on mummification.

Or we recklessly engage in anything that is very risky, to compensate for the sense of death through preservation. But when we do that, even if we are putting ourselves at real risk of death, we are still slaves to the fear of death because our action is ultimately a reaction.

So in both cases, we die.

Instead, we need to invest our energies in living life. That means risking death, or rather, risking being alive and following that which makes me feel alive. It means being open to new experiences, to new people; while being in contact with the force of Life in them and in oneself. It’s no longer my aim not to die, or to defy death, but to live my Life to the full.

Let’s wash off the salt, and start living our lives according to Life not fear of death.


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